Monday, 7 February 2011

My gym

Absolutely love this gym, i moved to here from my old gym total fitness. TF was shit, trained there for about 11 months but is by far the worst gym i have trained at, its big yes but it has no ''gym atmosphere'' and to us gym rats that is a necessity .

The gym I'm at now, the fitness factory and it is absolutely perfect for me. It has that hardcore feeling to it, you walk in and you feel like your in a dungeon, surrounded by solid metal weights and old, rugged but experienced gym equipment and its awesome. With pictures of Dorian Yates and his famous black and white photos on the wall its difficult to not be motivated in there. And with the dumbbells going from 10lbs to 200lbs there is always enough weight to improve on every  lift you can imagine.

The guy that runs it Dave is a really genuine down to earth guy, says hello to everyone and knows everyones name, makes you feel like your a part of the gym with him. Anyway here's the link for you all to have a look at, let me know what you think.


  1. nice gym! i think one of the worst things a gym can do is have big huge windows that let in all that natural light...when there are no windows it provides a hardcore atmosphere, plus everyone looks better under artificial lighting.

  2. cool, let us know how the new place works out...a change is as good as a rest, but not in your case though!

  3. Home lifter here but I need to get to a gym for better equipment.