Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Didnt plan on training legs today, was going to skip legs this week because i've been 1rm for the past 5 leg sessions. ANyway my brother who has decided to start training wanted me to go with him so i thought ''stop being a pussy and go squat.'' This is what i done anyway;

12x 80kg
10x 100kg
8x 120kg
4x 140kg drop 6x 100kg drop 12x 60kg

Single leg leg press;
8x3 300lbs

Barbell Lunges;
8x 60kg
8x 80kg
8x 100kg

Single leg extension;
12x 25kg
12x 30kg
12x 35kg

Standing Hamstring curl (single leg)
12x3 15kg

Standing Calf Raises;
12x3 whole stack

Not the usual session but i didn't want to do too much as im going for a PB squat next legs session. Brother done well though, said he enjoyed it so lets see if he can keep up the pace.


  1. keep ur bro motivated!

    your friend,

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