Sunday, 13 February 2011

Chest! Tris!

Went for a PR on the flat today and sort of got it :D Session didnt last as long as my normal ones but heres what i done;

Flat bench;
12x2 60kg
5x 100kg
3x 130kg
1x 160kg (dad said he didnt spot me but i think he did) drop 1 x 140kg drop 3x 100kg drop 12x 60kg

Incline Dumbells:
8x 60lbs
8x 80lbs
6x 110lbs (PR)

8x BW
8x BW + 20kg
8x BW + 40kg (i'll go for +50kg next time, i have it in me i recon)

Cable Pushdown;
12x3 whole stack

And thats it...... Not much volume at all but i done what i went in to do.