Monday, 7 February 2011

Chest & Tris

Awesome session, got a new PR on the bench which felt good, had the gym looking at me when i was doing... felt alpha man. Heres what i done;

Flat Bench;
10x 60kg
5x 100kg
3x 120kg
1x 140kg
1x 150kg

Incline dumbells;
8x 60lbs
8x 80lbs
6x 100lbs

8x BW
8x BW + 20kg
6x BW + 40kg drop BW + 20kg x 4

Flat hammer press;
8x3 unsure of weights
worked up to 135lbs each side

Incline dumbbell flies;
8x 15kg
8x 20kg
8x 30kg

Cable Pushdown;
8x3 whole stack, really need to make this heavier somehow

8x 80kg
6x 90kg

Great session, came back home to find my dog had threw up everywhere though which felt bad man but PR on the bench..yaaaay


  1. congratz on pr im sure cleaning up the throw up didnt even hinder ur mood

  2. Sounds like a real good session.