Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chest & Tris

Good session, had my brother and friend with me today so it went a bit slower but still pleased with what i done, here's what i done;

Flat Bench;
12x 60kg
5x 100kg
3x 120kg
3x 140kg

Incline dumbell flies;
8x 60lbs
8x 80lbs
8x 90lbs

10x BW
8x BW + 20kg
6x BW x 40kg drop 4x 20kg drop 4x BW

Flat Hammer Strength Press;
10x 45lbs each side
8x 90lbs each side
4x 135lbs each side drop 6x 90lbs each side drop 6x 45lbs each side

Incline Machine Press;
8x3 Unsure of weight

Cable Pushdown;
8x3 whole stack

8x 80kg
6x 90kg

Not much on the tri's but they get pumped from the cable pushdowns anyway and my arms seem to grow from it. Tempted to enter a competition this year, powerlifting and BB if the dates fit, if not do one this year and the other next year