Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Back and Biceps

Good session, didnt deadlift today sp i just smashed back instead, here's what i done;

Lat Pulldown;
8x 80kg
8x 100kg
8x 120kg

Hammer strength pulldown;
8x 150lbs eachside
8x 200lbs each side
8x 250lbs each side
8x 300lbs each side

Barbell row;
8x2 100kg
8x 140kg

Dumbell row;
8x 140lbs
8x 170lbs
8x 200lbs

EZ bar curl;
8x 20kg
8x 50kg
8x 50kg
8x 30kg

Single arm preacher curl;
8x3 unsure of weight, done it a a machine.

Back was fucked from this somehow, wasnt even that much volume. Got a recording of the 200lbs dumbell row, try get it uploaded tonight for ya'll

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