Saturday, 29 January 2011

Chest & Tris

Brilliant chest session today, had my dad and friend training with me. I love my dad training with me, i feel soo much more confident with my lifts when he's there. Here's what i done;

Flat bench;
20x 40kg
12x 60kg
5x 100kg
3x 120kg
2x 140kg         Had a bit of help of my dad on the 2nd rep but got it up in the end

Incline Dumbells;
8x 60lb
8x 80lb
8x 100lb

12x BW
8x BW + 20kg
8x BW + 20kg
4x BW + 40kg drop 4x BW + 20kg drop 8x BW

Flat Hammer Press;
12x 55lbs each side
8x 90lb each side
4x 125lb drop 4x 90lbs drop 4x 45lb each side

Incline Dumbell Flies;
8x 40lb
8x 60lb
8x 80lb

Cable Pushdowns;
8x3 whole stack

12x 40kg
8x 60kg
4x 90kg drop 6x 60kg

Single Arm Cable Pulldowns;
8x3 unsure of weight

Awesoem session, mainly because i had my dad there pushing me, nothing better than training with someone you trust 110%


  1. is ur dad swole

  2. swoleasamotherfucker, hasnt trained chest in like 5 month and benched 100kg for 3, only weighs 90kg himself. was mirin