Sunday, 30 January 2011

back and bis!!!!!

Awesome session today, only had my dad with me which made it a whole lot better! Here's what i done;

12x 60kg
8x 100kg
5x 140kg
3x 180kg
1x 220kg

Lat Pull Down;
8x 90kg
8x 100kg
8x 110kg

Barbell Row;
8x 60kg
8x 100kg
8x 140kg

Dumbell Row;
8x 140lb
8x 170lb
8x 200lb       (snapped one of my straps on the last rep, massiv bang from the dumbell dropping on the floor, felt good man)

Hammer Strength Pull Down;
10x3 160lbs each side

Barbell Curls;   (in the squat rack, umad?)
10x3 40kg

Single Arm Preacher Curl:
10x3 20kg

Biceps really dont interest me at all, i only really do them because i have too. Sick session though, will try get a few body pics up tonight.


  1. Shit, nice stuff.

  2. do u only go to failure on ur last set for each exercise?

    your friend,

  3. Woah! Solid lifting. Keep it up!