Sunday, 13 February 2011

Chest! Tris!

Went for a PR on the flat today and sort of got it :D Session didnt last as long as my normal ones but heres what i done;

Flat bench;
12x2 60kg
5x 100kg
3x 130kg
1x 160kg (dad said he didnt spot me but i think he did) drop 1 x 140kg drop 3x 100kg drop 12x 60kg

Incline Dumbells:
8x 60lbs
8x 80lbs
6x 110lbs (PR)

8x BW
8x BW + 20kg
8x BW + 40kg (i'll go for +50kg next time, i have it in me i recon)

Cable Pushdown;
12x3 whole stack

And thats it...... Not much volume at all but i done what i went in to do.

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Went for a low volume workout and it sure as shit payed off;

8x 100kg
2x 140kg
1x 180kg
1x 200kg (knee wraps)

Barbell Lunges;
8x 60/80/100kg

Single Leg ext:
12x 35/40/45kg

8x 60/100/140kg

Standing Calf Raises;
12x whole stack

Thats it! only lasted about an hour the session but it felt good squatting the 200kg, didnt train legs for 10 days and it worked a treat! Going for 160kg bench tomoz!!!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Shoulders/ Traps

Lowered my volume a lot on shoulders and its paying off i think.

8x 50/70/80/90kg

Dumbbell shoulder press;
8x 50/75/100lbs

Dumbbell side laterals;
8x 20/30/40lbs

Lateral cable raise;
8x3 unsure of weight


High cable Pulll;
8x3 unsure if weight

BB Shrugs;

Thats it, shoulders seem to be blowing up because of this, bench is also going up :D will try get the vid and some pics up today! i need to go to my mums and get a memory card reader, thats why its not up already

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Back and Biceps

Good session, didnt deadlift today sp i just smashed back instead, here's what i done;

Lat Pulldown;
8x 80kg
8x 100kg
8x 120kg

Hammer strength pulldown;
8x 150lbs eachside
8x 200lbs each side
8x 250lbs each side
8x 300lbs each side

Barbell row;
8x2 100kg
8x 140kg

Dumbell row;
8x 140lbs
8x 170lbs
8x 200lbs

EZ bar curl;
8x 20kg
8x 50kg
8x 50kg
8x 30kg

Single arm preacher curl;
8x3 unsure of weight, done it a a machine.

Back was fucked from this somehow, wasnt even that much volume. Got a recording of the 200lbs dumbell row, try get it uploaded tonight for ya'll

Monday, 7 February 2011

My gym

Absolutely love this gym, i moved to here from my old gym total fitness. TF was shit, trained there for about 11 months but is by far the worst gym i have trained at, its big yes but it has no ''gym atmosphere'' and to us gym rats that is a necessity .

The gym I'm at now, the fitness factory and it is absolutely perfect for me. It has that hardcore feeling to it, you walk in and you feel like your in a dungeon, surrounded by solid metal weights and old, rugged but experienced gym equipment and its awesome. With pictures of Dorian Yates and his famous black and white photos on the wall its difficult to not be motivated in there. And with the dumbbells going from 10lbs to 200lbs there is always enough weight to improve on every  lift you can imagine.

The guy that runs it Dave is a really genuine down to earth guy, says hello to everyone and knows everyones name, makes you feel like your a part of the gym with him. Anyway here's the link for you all to have a look at, let me know what you think.

Chest & Tris

Awesome session, got a new PR on the bench which felt good, had the gym looking at me when i was doing... felt alpha man. Heres what i done;

Flat Bench;
10x 60kg
5x 100kg
3x 120kg
1x 140kg
1x 150kg

Incline dumbells;
8x 60lbs
8x 80lbs
6x 100lbs

8x BW
8x BW + 20kg
6x BW + 40kg drop BW + 20kg x 4

Flat hammer press;
8x3 unsure of weights
worked up to 135lbs each side

Incline dumbbell flies;
8x 15kg
8x 20kg
8x 30kg

Cable Pushdown;
8x3 whole stack, really need to make this heavier somehow

8x 80kg
6x 90kg

Great session, came back home to find my dog had threw up everywhere though which felt bad man but PR on the bench..yaaaay

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Shoulders and Traps

Good session was with my father again so i enjoyed it and went a bit heavier than usual.

Military Push Press;
12x 40kg
8x 60kg
8x 80kg
6x 100kg frop 6x 60kg

Dumbell Press;
8x 60lbs
8x 80lb
8x 100lbs

Side Laterals;
8x 30lbs
8x 40lbs
8x 50lbs

Lateral cable raise;
8x3 unsure of weight


High Reverse Cable Pull;

Barbell Shrugs;
8x 100/140/180kg

Not much volume but a really good heavy duty session minus the shrugs.